Thanks for allowing us a few moments to introduce ourselves.  We are John and Carrie of JC Image Studio.  We are lovers of food and wine. Carrie has a  passion for cookingand food styling. Combined with JOhn's commercial background we have made a successful business by each of of us bringing completely different strengths to the  partnership.

John was born & raised in the Seattle area, and Carrie is a southern California girl.  We currently reside in Temecula, CA. and enjoy touring (and sampling) the local wineries and restaurants.  We both love architecture and design and we also enjoy raising, parenting and spending time with a fantastic, well mannered, cuddly 5 year-old boy, Cash. 

We work well together as a team and challenge each other on a continual basis.  We are dedicated to providing personal attention and service to our clients.

We've been lovingly referred to by our friends, colleagues & peers as the "Power Couple" and the "Dynamic Duo".  We take each day as a new opportunity to live life to the fullest.